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The Eight Commandments

Sprucing Up
It is an absolute must to look your best during Eid. In the chaos of Eid preparation, make sure you set aside some time for yourself to freshen up at the parlour. A manicure, pedicure and haircut are important. Waves and curls are the new rage, say fashionistas. Layers, razor cuts and steps are just a few to enhance your looks.
It is also a good idea to get a facial that would help you look and feel fresh; these range from Tk 300 to Tk 3,000. But, make sure you do not try out any new exotic facial right before the big day, as it might not match your skin type. In this case, the parlour beauty specialist becomes a big help. It is also a good idea to get your nose pierced –something that goes with both western and desi look. Last but not the least get a professional to enhance your hands with the ‘must’ touch of Eid- mehendi.
But keep in mind that everyone will be lining up for the parlours, so make an appointment if possible. With Farzana Shakil ( Road 28, Dhanmondi) , Persona (Dhanmondi road 27) , Total Care( Banani Road 27), Labelle (Gulshan 1) and some other favorites putting on special offers, so let your hair down, or up!
As for the gentlemen, Eid is definitely the best excuse for the metros to show off their good looks all over town. While these people head to Persona Adams (Dhanmondi Road 27), Habib’s @Persona, Total Care ( Banani Rd 27), Hairobics (Sobhanbagh) and Face Wash (Dhanmondi Rd 4), the cosmopolitan men should perhaps buy themselves a new shaving kit and cologne.

Trinkets and Sparkles
Get matching jewellery with your dress for the complete look. Aranya (Kemal Attaturk Avenue), Aarong (Lalmatia, Tejgaon), and Mayasir (Gulshan Avenue) are the shops to hunt for the silver trinkets with intricate artwork and design. While there, check out their ear-rings, rings and entire sets in coloured and semi-precious stones. Small, yet alluring, a large collection of these beauties are also found at Arabian’s.
Although Almas and Priyo (both in Banani and Dhanmondi) rule as always as the leading shops for imitation jewellery, the fashionistas of the city are busy shopping for a brand new sort of regalia. Crafted in copper, brass and other metals these ethnic pieces are all in the rage. And they are at Piraan (Dhanmondi Road 11) and Bibiana (Dhanmondi Road-5). For some exceptional designs of jewellery also check out Rachana located at Dhanmondi Road-5. A large collection of anklets, bangles, earrings, rings and anything you name is available at Genetic Plaza (Dhanmondi, road 27).
If you are a bit more adventurous check out Jatra (Kamal Ataturk), Deshal (Anam Rangs Plaza) and Piraan (Dhanmondi Road-11) for ornaments even more exotic in their materials, shape and design.
For the rustic clay earrings, bangles and malas rush to Ideas, located at the ground floor of the buildings that houses Prabartana (Asadgate). Whatever the colour—you say it, they got it (because if they don’t they’ll paint it especially for you). Boutiques like Banglar Mela, Anjan’s (Sobhanbagh, Rifles Square and Siddeshwari) and Kay Kraft (Sobhanbagh, Anam Plaza, Baily Road and Kamal Ataturk) each have their own small collections as well. Kay Kraft and Grameen also have one-of-a kind thick wooden bangles.
There is also this shop at a corner in Anam Rang’s called Atpure. In short, it is a costume jewellery lover’s dream come true. And introducing a new type—designer jewellery at Yellow at Pink City (Beside Gulshan Wonderland). Apart from a few cute ones, these funky and totally exclusive jewellery will be an eye-turner anywhere, as long as you are willing to pay the 500+ prices required to buy them.

Walk with style!
For everyone shoes are the most important accessory for Eid couture. This season brings you ‘feel good foot wear’. The fat platforms have been elbowed out with flats. A whole range of comfortable and stylish flats are available at Priyo General Store, Almas General Store, Metro Shopping Mall (Road 32, Dhanmondi), Gulshan 1 and 2 market and Rifles Square (Dhanmondi Road 2). For a more desi look, there is Rakhi Shoes (Gafur Mansion at Elephant Road), with a unique line of gorgeous flat sandals. Buy a matching sandal with designed stones, available in flats and kitten heels.
The latest fashion of embroidered straps and bands is almost everywhere you can name. Get a pair of these ethnic looking sandals from Elephant road or any other shopping mall. A range of glass heels and pencil heels with multi coloured stones are also available at these stores.

Last Minute!
It is mostly in the last minute that you realise, you missed some really important things. Don’t risk finding out on Eid day, check your list now. With the desi look and costume jewelry ruling this season, don’t forget to get Teeps for you. They are available in different colours, stones and designs. With Farzana Shakil’s exceptional makeover looks focusing on dark exotic eyes and simple gloss, don’t forget to grab an eyeliner and mascara. Waterproof eyeliner of Revlon, Maybelline and Personi are available at Priyo, Almas, Rochana and Etc Limited (Dhanmondi Rd 27 and Gulshan 1). For shiny lips, the new Mayebelline Diamond Gloss and gloss in different colors of other brands are ruling the markets. Don’t want to rush to the parlour to straighten or curl your hair in the whole week? Get a ceramic straightening machine or curler from Almas and Priyo General Store (prices start from Tk 1,500).

Perfect placement
Tired of being stuck at home on Eid entertaining your grandmother’s sister’s husband’s son-in-law? Well, here are some places of respite just for you, where you can really chill out. If you have a sweet tooth, go to Movenpick (Gulshan Avenue) or Club Gelato (Banani Road 11) for ice creams and other cold desserts. They are guaranteed to satisfy your senses—Gelato especially, as you can wallow in the aroma of the goodies baking if you visit in the afternoon. If you are simply a fan of brownies and good times, you know you should head for Café Mango (Dhanmondi Road 31 and Gulshan 2). If you want a cup of coffee or frappe and waffles go to Coffee World (Dhanmondi Road 27 and Banani Road 11).
Mango, however, has a half-brother called Escape from Shanghai (Dhanmondi Road 4), which is different in its décor and lighting and no less charming.
For a real taste of the American fast food life, hop into A&W(complete with a jukebox) or the newcomer KFC (Gulshan 1, near the Shooting Complex) which is ruling the city in its first month! For Thai food served fast-food style step into @Corner (Navana Tower, Gulshan 1) for the ultimate mix of sophistication and fun. Take in the serene views and the minimalist décor at Kozmo Lounge (Satmosjid Road). Pizzas at Bella Italia (Gulshan Circle-1) and Shawarma House (Hatirpool) are also gaining increasing popularity so they should be worth giving a try. For those with slightly heavier pockets the dining experience at Topkapi (Gulshan-2), EFES (Gulshan Avenue) and Emanuelles (Kamal Ataturk) is always wonderful with sheesha as ‘extra khatir’. And the ultimate hang-out for young people would be at the Timeout ‘square’ which not only serves’ the city’s favourite foods but also takes you back in time to your college café addafying with friends. The Bashundhara City food court, of course comes close behind especially right after great movie going experience at Cineplex.

Stock up movies and snacks before hand
With guests coming in for at least one week, make sure you have enough stock of food. Buy anything that may fall short- cold drinks, crisps, coffee. For a stress free Eid, it is a good idea to get frozen packs of samosa, crisps, sausages, burger buns, nuggets and other frozens from Agora (Dhanmondi Road 2 and Gulshan), Nandan (Dhanmondi Road 27 and Gulshan). This will certainly spare you from spending most of your time in the kitchen. For teenage children and youngsters, it’s a good idea to get packs of ‘easy to make chocolate cakes’, puddings, gelatine etc. Make a whole unique range of food, after all Eid is all about having special food.
Eid is certainly a great time to watch late-night movies. For this holiday, lay back and enjoy watching some great movies. Buy your copy of DVDs before hand, remember, shops will be closed for a while.
Da Vinci Code, Super Man Returns, MI3, V for Vendetta, Ghost Rider, X-Men 3, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Bas Ek Pal etc are a few recent movies that are worth watching.


Get a little Entertainment
Too bored of staying home and visting relatives? Go for a cinema going experience at the Star Cineplex in Bashundhara City, the day after Eid. You could also opt for some exceptional programmes in Bangla Channels as well.

Review your ‘to do list’
Last but not the least, remember to review your ‘to-do-list’ before Eid. The banks are going to be closed, so get done with your financial matters. Moreover, you cannot forget to get those sparkly notes for ‘Eidy’ for the little ones. Done with cleaning the house, but there is still something missing? Get flowers to rejuvenate the house. Orchids at Ferns and Petals (Gulshan 1) and other colorful flowers found in almost every street corner can be a great addition to your Eid preparation. Get a pack of scented, colorful and beautifully shaped floating candles to add the aroma and essence of your drawing room and sitting area.

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