Tahmina Shafique The Complete Portfolio

About this site

This website has been developed to compile in one place all articles written by Tahmina Shafique, one of Bangladesh's most prolific young writers.

Tahmina began writing at a very young age for the Daily Star newspaper as a freelance writer, writing on current events and education issues. At the time, she served as an editorial assistant at a local organization, and worked for the British Council as well.

Tahmina's most famous writing emerged from her time at the New Age's Xtra feature magazine, where she served as a staff writer from 2005 to 2008. During this time, she wrote articles on a variety of issues, focusing mostly on women and children's issues and the environment, but also delved into the arts, entertainment and economy. Tahmina has profiled many of Bangladesh's most prominent people, including politicians, businessmen, academics, lawyers and entertainers.

The defining characteristic of Tahmina's writing is her passion - each piece collected on this website is underlined by this passion, which seeps through in almost every sentence. Her depictions and descriptions elicit clear visuals in the mind of her readers, and allows them to travel into the minds of her subjects, thereby increasing the power of the story. Tahmina's passion is extremely suited for her subject matter - when talking about women or children, for example, Tahmina captures their struggles, battles and challenges amazingly well, and gives the reader an insight into their lives and minds that no other writer in Bangladesh has been able to do. Above all, Tahmina's passion and writing has attracted an innumerable number of readers over the years, and has greatly increased awareness of these difficult issues among the general populace.

You are welcome to browse through this portfolio and join us in celebrate Tahmina's enormous talent.